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The Mission

Beeroretical Technologies seeks to further the beer drinking experience by developing resources that will provide breweries and drinking establishments around the world with the means of pushing beer drinking into the 21st century.

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Know BT

The objective of Beeroretical Technologies is to create new modalities of the beer drinking experience by crafting tools that will assist establishments and creatives in using beer as an artistic medium. These instruments are composed of Interactive Beer Objects (IBOs) and Multi-sensory Educational Resources (MERs) that are designed to engage a spectrum of senses while furthering the consumer’s understanding of beer.

IBOs consist of sensors, electronics, and microprocessors being integrated into various objects surrounding the drinking experience. These smart objects provide an interactive interface with the beer drinker that heightens their experience. MERs incorporate intentional design and advances in packaging technologies to create resources that educate the consumer in an engaging setting designed to captivate the senses, resulting in a meaningful message that is remembered. These different experiences intend to further the meaning of beer to the consumer while helping bring beer into the 21st century. 

Beeroretical Technologies was founded in 2018 by Zachary Rosen, Cert. Cicerone®. Each project is conceived and designed by Rosen and represents a continuation of his body of work.

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Soon to Launch

Beeroretical Technologies will be launching several Interactive Beer Objects in the near future. Find more information here on the different objectives. Sign up for the newsletter to stay up-to-date on their progress.